There are no great things, only small things with great love.

Mother Teresa


The documentary 29 Years: A Journey to Restore Hope in Myanmar shows what people can accomplish, when they combine passion with persistence.  It’s the story of a country in turmoil, and a man and a woman who just wanted to help.

In the book Risk Only Money, Jack DeBoer reflects on his transition from success to significance, and shares his and his wife, Marilyn’s, approach to philanthropy.


Overwhelming problems, a long losing streak, lack of resources, violence, poverty, vulnerable children –  do you see these challenges in your community? Even if you can’t solve them, you can volunteer, champion, or give - and regardless of what you are doing or what you might like to do, we’d like to help!

There are countless inspirational stories, and examples of everyday heroes around the world who have answered the call to Go Do Good.