Larissa Freeman – President, Cricket Alley Ministries

Larissa Freeman is a retired hair stylist/fashion consultant who is President of Cricket Alley Ministries - a nonprofit organization located in Wichita, Kansas, that is dedicated to empowering women who have met hard times.

Larissa began Cricket Alley Ministries with a mission to provide women with the support they need to recover from life challenges such as domestic violence, drug addiction, physical abuse, and homelessness.  The organization uses a twenty-two foot “fashion truck” that Larissa herself takes on the road, going directly to women’s shelters and other organizations that serve women and their families.  Larissa and her volunteers and donors outfit the fashion truck with the latest in clothing and beauty trends.  It also includes personal items necessary for women and their children.  These items serve as a base in helping women recover, allowing them carry themselves with confidence and dignity as they seek steady employment and permanent housing.

Cricket Alley Ministries uses its fashion truck to reach the women while also remaining committed to serving the “whole person” in the women being served.  Through a comprehensive Bible-based curriculum, Cricket Alley Ministries teaches women new skills that perhaps they may have never learned.  The curriculum is divided into five parts:

  1. Bible Knowledge class
  2. Fashion and Beauty education that encourages the growth of self-esteem, while teaching how to model Christ with appropriate dress dress appropriately for every setting.
  3. Self-defense and fitness that build confidence and provides a safe and healthy lifestyle.
  4. Cooking and Nutrition.
  5. Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University, which teaches women how to be successful in managing their money.

This curriculum, combined with mentorship, equips women to recognize their self-worth and to reach their full potential in the world.

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