Win Han Oo – Founder, Helping Hands for Higher Education

helping hands 2.png

Dr. Win Han Oo is working to make Myanmar youth more competitive when they apply for international study opportunities. Dr. Win Han Oo decided to start Helping Hands for Higher Education, to provide Myanmar youth with mentoring and skills training for applying to international universities. The initiative includes a free online support site for students to access at any time.

Dr. Win Han Oo himself is a Myanmar national studying abroad, as a PhD candidate at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia.  From personal experience, he knows what serious challenges Myanmar students face when attempting to win a study-abroad spot.  He has seen that the dreams of Myanmar youth “were pulled back simply because they didn't have enough experience in their scholarship applications".

He views Helping Hands as a resource for students to grow, rather than a service that promises access to new opportunities. He says, “Of course, I can't (fill out their application for them), but I knew that, if an experienced person spares some time and mentors some of them, that would be really helpful. The students have to do all the work, just with the guidance of mentors who have experience in scholarship application and studied abroad.

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