David Skove – Volunteer, CrossOver Healthcare Ministry


David Skove retired eighteen months ago from his position as General Manager for Progressive Insurance’s South region. His post-retirement plans were formed, in part, by several trips to Haiti and a desire to help make significant differences in the lives of other people.

Several years ago, David and his wife, who is a nurse, went to Haiti on a medical mission trip. While there, David worked with several doctors who helped start or volunteered at CrossOver Healthcare Ministry, a Richmond-based ministry that provides high quality healthcare, promotes wellness, and connects community talents and resources with people in need, all in the name of Jesus Christ. David explains, “The people who come to CrossOver do not have access to medical insurance - and the health care that medical insurance allows - that most of us take for granted.  Our very low income patients come from all walks of life – but what they have in common is the urgent need for health care. These folks are in a health care no-man’s land.”  As a longtime insurance executive, David has a good background to be an eligibility screener at Crossover.  His work involves reviewing the income documents of new and existing patients to assess their eligibility for services.

David’s earlier brush with his own health issues helped equip him for his work at CrossOver. He said, “I’m a cancer survivor of Stage IV Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, and thanks to God and great health insurance, I was able to overcome my cancer. That was a wakeup call for me, because I didn’t spend time thinking about the many people in my own city who don’t have good - or any - health insurance. I wasn’t Ebenezer Scrooge, but I was indifferent. I had blinders on that were taken off. Now, I just want to be sure that the folks who don’t have health care are able to get it.”

Volunteering has been an important part of David’s post-retirement life. He says, “Before I retired, I always came home from work professionally satisfied and confident in my ability to be successful in business…  but I never came home truly fulfilled. When I volunteer at Crossover, I come home and feel happy. There are few greater feelings than being able to give folks an ID card allowing them to become a patient at CrossOver and seeing that smile and sense of relief on their faces.”

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