Fabiana Ayala – Founder, Todo Suma

Todo Suma Logo.png

Fabiana Ayala, born and raised in Bolivia, a country where only 49% of women are in the labor force, left home at sixteen years old to attend boarding school in Hong Kong. Later, after having attended business school in the US, Fabiana made the decision to go back to Bolivia and make a change.  Her solution was Todo Suma.

Todo Suma is a social business that both fuels and is fueled by the empowerment of women. They have developed a for-profit business model that, rather than condemn capitalism and consumerist society, demonstrates its compatibility with social responsibility. It empowers women through job creation in Cochabamba, Bolivia, where they train women to export-quality crochet and macramé items to be sold in the US and internationally. Beyond receiving income from Todo Suma, women participate in capacity-building workshops related to themes such as personal finance, empowerment, and assertiveness.

The name “Todo Suma” is inspired by the idea that all actions, no matter how small, add up.  Todo Suma highlights the power of individuals to aid the world’s progress towards peace. The women of Todo Suma believe that empowering women, the world’s largest untapped source of human capital, is one of the most effective strategies for achieving the long-term goal of peace. 

Patrick Kliebert